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Premier Cavoodles

Premier Cavoodles

We focus on refining our art while ensuring that all receive the care and attention necessary to stay vibrant and well throughout their lives. We do this by carefully getting to know each puppy's personality and matching them with the most appropriate demographic; aligning our puppies with owners that will not only connect and love them but are also suited to them. We also genetically test the parents of our puppies to ensure that we are maintaining high health standards and new owners are provided with a health guarantee when they receive a puppy from us.

Why choose Premier Cavoodles for your New Cavoodles

At Premier Cavoodles we are all about breeding for Quality.

Quality Bloodlines - All Cavoodles puppies will have a full DNA clearance and come with a Health Guarantee. Puppies will not have any breed specific diseases, (see below for all diseases our puppies are cleared from).

Perfect Temperaments - Our Cavoodles Puppies are all about giving and receiving love, they are very happy, sweet natured puppies who just want to be with their human family. And with their total devotion, intelligence and loyalty to us it makes them very easy to train.

Optimal Health - We guarantee that you will be receiving a Cavoodle puppy of very sound health, stemming from their genes, the healthy condition of their mum during pregnancy and lactation, and from being fed premium foods during the weaning process, which promotes a high level healthy condition, but you must continue giving your puppy/dog a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain its optimal healthy condition.

Sound Mind - As our puppies are only given the best of everything, are surrounded by love and affection, and are happy and comfortable from day one, this promotes a calm, peaceful and happy mind which allows them to focus on just enjoying its family life without any fears or anxiety.

The Perfect Coat - Premier Cavoodle is now only breeding 2nd generation Toy  Cavoodles Puppies to make certain that all puppies bred by us will have a hypo-allergenic, non-shedding coat. The texture of the coat will either be soft and curly or soft and wavy... And now, we are also breeding the rare Chocolate Cavoodles to add another touch of uniqueness to this amazing breed.

Absolute Cuteness - We all know that the teddy bear face of the Cavoodles is what sets it apart from the rest, and Cavoodles has made sure that with the choice of our gorgeous looking parents we will continue the tradition of breeding  Cavoodle puppies with adorable sweet looking faces.