Cavoodle coat care

A clipped Cavoodle does not require an enourmous amount of brushing every week, but it is advisable to brush a puppy regularly for a few minutes at a time (once per day for 5 minutes for example) to get them not only accustomed to the brush and the actual brushing procedure, but to actually enjoy and look forward to it. This will make things much easier for you to brush them as adults who stay still, rather than trying to run away as soon as the brush comes out.  Cavoodles do not need have their coat clipped short if you prefer a longer coat and many owners opt for this, but a longer coat will require more grooming to keep it free from knots and mats and looking it’s best. Cavoodles do not need to be washed often as frequent washing will remove more of their coat’s natural oils that help to maintain their beautiful coat. Cavoodles only need to be washed about once per month at most and washing them more than once per week on a regular basis will lead to dry skin and a dry flat coat.